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YOU ARE ENTHUSIASTICALLY INVITED to take a step in your life that can change how you work, as well as how you view your career and your contribution to the world. 


By your active participation in Human Values at Work, you can be “at home” in making spirituality the inner context for your work as well as gain confidence in using work for spiritual development and for expressing that spiritual growth in service to others.



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Human Values at Work:

Making spirituality the inner context for your work


Human Values at Work has been developed by the Global Dharma Center, in partnership with Dr. Peter Pruzan, professor emeritus at the Copenhagen Business School, and his wife, Kirsten Pruzan Mikkelsen, a journalist and former editor who worked for almost 30 years at Det  Berlingske Hus, a major publishing house in Denmark.


It is a self-guided workbook programme that focuses on how you can work in accord with your own spiritual view of life and five human values that are found cross-culturally in all spiritual traditions: Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence. This programme has been designed for you to take on your own and/or in a group setting.

  • On your own, you can pace yourself through the exercises.

  • As part of a group, you can: (a) do the exercises together with the others in the group, or (b) do them at your own pace and come together at specified times for group sharing and dialogue.  

You can download, at no cost, the workbook and the leader guide from this website in an Acrobat PDF format. Each module requires about 3 hours for reading and completing the self-inquiry questions, plus another 6 – 7 hours if a group wishes to discuss their answers together.

Human Values at Work

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